By Lord Randall

The song title ‘Slow And Painful’ could have easily described the recording sessions for SOFY MAJOR’s sophomore release, "Idolize". When the French trio landed in Brooklyn, NYC in the fall of 2012, Hurricane Sandy decided to pay a visit. Of course, a flooded studio and destroyed instruments helped immensely. Clearly, upon listening to "Idolize", this frustration comes through in the recording, possibly giving the dozen tracks found here a punch they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Produced by Andrew Schneider, recorder of the likes of UNSANE, KEELHAUL and CAVE IN, one might be tempted to take the easy road when comparing SOFY MAJOR to more established acts. Such, however, is not the case here (has it ever been?).

More spastic than an epileptic on a crack binge, ‘Aucune Importance’ seizures out of the gate, yours truly counting at least 5 time signatures in the first 2 minutes. The strange thing is, the musketeers 3 manage to be catchy – yet proficient – through most of them. Recalling early DEADGUY/HELMET (think Born Annoying), ‘Comment’ slices with a non-surgical precision, leaving eardrums punctured and ragged, while ‘Steven The Slow’ drags RABIES CASTE/ PAW – at the latter’s most raucous – into the fray. ‘Slow And Painful’ and ‘Coffee Hammam’ lag, not up to par with the rest of "Idolize" thus far, but ‘Seb’ - with its yammering “vocals” and fluid, languid bass – draws you back in. Just in time, as it turns out, as ‘Platini’ spins and churns like THERAPY?, injecting a slight punk edge to the proceedings, only to slam into a steamroller groove at the coda.
In all, SOFY MAJOR has given us an album bringing to mind the early Am/Rep and Quarterstick releases, while failing to fall victim to simple mimicry. Recommended.