"Decision Day"

by Sgt Deth

This is the 15th studio album from these German thrash metal masters. I cannot believe it has been 30 years since they first released “Obsessed By Cruelty”. I will give them a thumbs up for tenacity. Sodom has always been one of those bands that keep holding the flame of metal aloft. I have seen many videos of their European metal concerts and they can surely entertain and are epic at times. Some U.S.A. bands should learn something from Sodom’s history of talented song writing, musicianship, and showmanship.

Just like European metal lords, they start out with a six minute song “In Retribution”. First time I spinned up this CD, I could instantly tell it was that classic Sodom sound. Like a lot of Sodom songs, it slides in slowly at first to some very crunchy and fast guitar riffs. Tom Angelripper is still growling out the lyrics just like he has over the many years. They have not compromised their sound and are not breaking any ground here either. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting a new sound from these guys, they have always stayed the course. 

The song “Caligula” starts out sounding like some old school Motorhead, but Angelripper’s growls take it back where it belongs. I love the snappy riffs and overall thumping sound of “Blood Lions”. And “Sacred Warpath” is also one of my favorites with the haunting scream at the beginning followed by amazing drum and guitar work. There are some definite anthems here, such as the title track or “Refused To Die”, that I know will be added to Sodom’s extensive catalog to be played live at huge festivals and where ever else we may be lucky enough to see them. This CD would be a good addition to the music library for any true metal fan.