By Dr. Abner Mality

Let’s face it, traditional grindcore is one of the easiest types of metal to create. As long as you got the right production and a drummer that can lay on the blastbeats, you pretty much got it made. That’s why there seems to be a lot of grindcore side projects. SOCIOCLAST is one featuring members of DEADPRESSURE and MORTUOUS. Insane brutality is part of their everyday life so this was likely a pretty easy side hustle for them.

This is indeed grimy, raw traditional grind, so expect no weird dissonance or experimentation with electronics. After an obligatory intro, it’s heads down and into the pit. Short songs ranging from thirty seconds to maybe 2 minutes & 40 seconds. Beastly roars prevail, with a little more of the thin shrieks on the side. It’s over in a flash...I can’t pick a particular favorite because it’s pretty uniform.

I guess this will take the edge off your hunger if you’re desperate for grind but I don’t see SOCIOCLAST making a big splash because they’re just too much like Political Grind 101.