SOCIETY SUCKER "Society Sucker" EP

CDC "End" EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

Get This Right Records is a new label apparently specializing in metallic hardcore. Based on these two releases, tt's REAL hardcore, too...not the spurious "core" polluting the scene. Both Society Sucker and CDC are working the same territory and there are more resemblances between these two EP's than differences. Both feature short, crunchy tunes with a lot of mid-tempo riffing and punkish vocals.

I give the slight nod to Society Sucker. Their production job sounds rawer and a bit more hardcore than CDC, which is a bit more metallic. The vocals are more pleasing to the ear...not great singing by any stretch, but with a brash, snotty sound that's authentic. The guy from CDC sounds almost like a rapper with his rapid fire, very East Coast sounding approach...something I've never cared for. On CDC's song "Temple", it's basically an onslaught of rapped profanity over a melodic verse....that tune just doesn't work. CDC's style is rather like Crumbsuckers or even old time Boston HC unit Wrecking Crew. Choppy metal riffs and lots of them. Not bad, but Society Sucker's production is warmer and I found their songs easier to get into. Both EP's feature 5 tunes each that fly by pretty fast.

Will there be full-lengths from these bands? Time will tell. Looks like Get This Right is trying to live up to its name...