"Devastation in the Void"

By Dark Starr

 This is a set from Japanese punk rock legends Slang. There is quite a bit of range here. It has some thrashy metallic stuff, hardcore punk and more. It’s definitely extreme. It’s also quite effective overall. The formula does get a little monolithic at times, though.

Some of this is pretty much what you’d expect, furious hardcore. The opener “Scum” is one such song. It shifts this way and that and is crazed, angry and noisy. “Yoshimura Hideki,” “Death of Democracy,” “Reason of Brutality” and “The End of the Nuclear Era” all land in that zone. The lack of variety between them tends to weigh a little heavy. While “Vicious Nuclear Fuel Cycle” is similar, the fast paced vocals on it manage to make it stand above the rest. “Apocalypse Now” starts with something more like metal, but turns into the hardcore vein from there.

There are some different things here, too, though. “Hill Of Corpses” is more straight ahead. It feels a bit like Motorhead in some ways. It’s also one of the most metallic things here. The melodic jam mid-track is a cool change. There is definitely a metal vibe to “Dystopia,” but extreme metal. It is intense and pretty complex. Hardcore punk and thrash merge on “Cursed Dawn.” The bass starts “162 Graves.” Then they bring it into a jam that’s quite like old school thrash. It’s a powerhouse and one of the best cuts here.