"Hit It!"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Another 70's /80's hard rock revival band here. I know these bands love to wear their influences on their sleeves, but you can see The Slam's from the moon. Listening to "Hit It!" is like a game of "spot where the riff was ripped off" from. The music is lightweight and fun, but the plagiarism makes it creepy to anybody with respect for originality.

Let's play the game, shall we? "Bad Blood" nicks AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock" prett y handily with its opening charge, "Tears In the Rain" is "hoist the lighter" Guns N' Roses style balladry, "Kisser" gets its influence from...wait for it...Kiss. In fact, Gene might want to call Dewey, Cheatham & Howe due to this song's resemblance to "Ladies Room" on the chorus. But wait, "90-50-91 Love" takes it even further, plagiarizing "She" to the Nth degree. Just to make sure that we know Kiss is The Slam's favorite band, we hear an actual snippet of "Firehouse" during the opening of "Mr. Rock N Rolla".  But The Slam does actually have other sources they rip, with "Saddle The Moon" doing a pretty good job of sampling Zep's "Whole Lotta Love"!The album concludes with acoustic blues in the form of "Hooked On Rock N' Roll", which even features cringeable doo-wop.

I'm an undemanding rocker but something about all this gives me the creeps. The musicianship is OK but workmanlike and singer Serge Simic sounds like a mild version of Paul Stanley. Glenn Hughes even manages to show up on "Little Angel", but his contribution is minimal. "Hit It!" is as close to a cover album as you can get without actually performing covers. I much prefer Gentlemans Pistols approach to 70's hard rock.