“Unveiling The Threshold” 

By Dr. Abner Mality

Shambling ahead of the rancid death metal pack we find France’s SKELETHAL. Right now they’re running neck and neck with NECROT and SKELETAL REMAINS. If one of their legs doesn’t fall off, they might just pull off an upset.

I’ve always liked the unpretentious nature of this band. Like many of the best acts do (in virtually any form of music), they just pull the arrow back and let it fly. The songs seem to flow naturally out of them. It’s a brutally putrid attack with a sizable Swedish death metal feel, but also mixing in some PESTILENCE and even the loose mayhem of AUTOPSY. The tracks leap from riff to riff, from solo to solo, but don’t sound technical. There’s room for just flat out death metal sickness on great  cuts like “Repulsive Recollections” and “Upon Somber Soil”. Even the longest cut “Abyssal Church—The Portal Revealed” seems to be the perfect length.

I can pretty much repeat the review I did for the last SKELETHAL album “Of the Depths...” for “Unveiling The Threshold”. It’s not a knock to say the two albums are a lot alike when both are excellent. This is a band true death metal fans need to take note of.