“Of The Depths…”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I got my first introduction to France’s Skelethal with their EP “Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity”, which indicated they were a promising if rather typical death metal band. With their full length debut “Of The Depths”, they’ve climbed the next rotten rung of the DM ladder.

This record pulses with a furious energy that makes it irresistible. The constant exposure to old school death metal has frankly exhausted me the last year or so, but a quality band is a quality band and these dudes just cannot be denied. As I’m sure you will notice after seeing their awesome cover art, Skelethal is heavily influenced by old Swedish death metal. But not exclusively. There’s a nice strong whiff of elder Morbid Angel and Pestilence to their attack as well. The production hits that perfect level where it’s raw as fuck while still very professionally done. The guitar tone is perfect!

Although there’s some doominess, Skelethal plays like the devil’s on their ass. Tunes like “Catharsis”, “Chaotic Deviance” and “Morbid Ovation” are frantic and furious, like the band is in a life and death struggle to whip up the most punishing riffs they can.

This one might be on some year end lists for 2017. It is primal death metal done in correct fashion and undoubted heart.