“Voodoo Dawn”

By Derelikt Waugh

By the unholy gods! If this one don’t floor ya and leave you gasping for air in the muck, you are quite frankly, unfloorable. Skeletal Spectre is a band comprised of Vanessa Nocera and two other be-hooded and secretive members that shall remain nameless. On their third opus, they offer unto us a ridiculously heavy, yet insanely catchy concept album pertaining to the mysterious arts of Voodoo and horror, bloody horror! Featuring the fright-riddled riffs of the mysterious member known as Behold the Pentagram, the primitive poundings of Haunting the Beyond, and the all-wasting wraith howls and growls of the horror queen herself, Vanessa Nocera, Skeletal Spectre is truly an outfit to be feared by the weak and adored by those who have taken the black oath.

 This is, without a doubt, their most succinct and cohesive effort. At the same time, it’s a balls-out, riff-orgy of evil proportions that renders the first two albums somewhat lame in comparison (and those albums both kick ass). Vanessa’s vocals tear everything to shreds on this release as well. Musically, everything is as thick and heavy as a bundle of bricks, but simultaneously as clear as a witch’s brand new crystal ball. Patrick Bruss’s production captures the much sought after Sunlight sound, while packing a modern punch that those old albums could never hope to muster. In short, this is an album that deserves repeated spins for anyone into old Swedish death with a lean, mean and modern sound. BUY OR DIE!!!