“Devouring Mortality”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Dark Descent Records can usually be counted on to provide quality extreme metal and Skeletal Remains is no exception. Boy, these guys like Pestilence a lot, especially “Consuming Impulse”. During many points of “Devouring Mortality”, you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to out-takes from that classic album. Especially vocalist Chris Monroy, who sounds separated at birth from Martin van Drunen.

Pestilence and Asphyx are the overwhelming influences on Skeletal Remains. Whether you like this album depends on your tolerance for those bands. Although SR wear their influences on their sleeves, there’s nothing cheap or shoddy about their sound. The production here is just as good as their inspirations, a very nice job. The best tracks are the album’s opener “Ripperology” and the closer “Internal Detestation”. Those two totally rage, with the best riffing of the album. It’s always cool when your best tracks “bookend” the album. In between, it’s pure Pestilence worship at a high pace. The songs do kind of run together, but not to the point where it kills the record. The brief instrumental “Lifeless Manifestation” ironically shows Skeletal Remains know how to do the doomier Asphyx type riffs as well. I just wish there was a bit more of that here.

Good, solid death metal highly recommended to Pestilence fans.