"Med Vaettum"
By Theron Moore

I dig anything metal from Norway, Sweden or Iceland, I'm a sucker for it, especially if it's black or Viking metal and Skalmold's "Med Vaettum" is a battle axe to the cranium;  yeah, it's heavy.

10 tracks (8 studio, 2 live) of battle tested mayhem with a downside -- all lyrics and vocals are in Icelandic so I'm not sure what the songs are about but I'd venture a guess it's Viking, Nordic mythology or war related.

 "Ad Vori" opens the record with a wild, Conan the Barbarian style rager, the kind of thing you'd expect as the soundtrack to a thousand man melee.  Tracks 4 "Med Drekum" and 5 "Ad Hausti" crank the Viking vibe to ten with tunes that are the aural equivalent of a good old fashioned village burning.

 "Med Vaettum" is an aggressive, ass kicker of an album, the kind of thing that'd be well paired with a bare knuckle fight.  Amon Amarth beware for Skalmold rides through the night...