By Sgt Deth

Chris Barnes just keeps kicking out the new music. His voice has not changed much either. It is still the same trademark evil Barnes sound. Just one or two seconds of hearing his voice will let you know what band you are listening to. Not too much has changed with this 12th studio album, except the recording lineup. This is the first studio album from Six Feet Under that was recorded by Barnes touring members. Both bass and lead guitar is played by Jeff Hughell (ex Brain Drill) who I have seen play live and he is an amazing guitar player. He does a phenomenal job and stays true to the SFU core sound with plenty of chugging bass and memorable lead guitar riffs. There is something to be said for having the same musician write the bass and lead guitar parts. 

However, there are some riffs that are so so and are not as memorable as I would like. Sometimes, it seems to drone on in a couple songs, but nothing to keep me from listening to this entire CD frequently. Drums are beaten by Marco Pitruzzella (also ex Brain Drill) who also has toured with Barnes in recent past. Marco is also an amazing and extremely talented musician. The drum beats were written perfectly to match the guitars and I cannot say I am bored with any of the beats all the way through this release. 

The song “Slaughtered As They Slept” is one of the most memorable songs on this CD for me. Starts out a little slow, then the drums follow the thumping guitar very well the rest of the way through. He just rattles them off in some parts. Goes from sounding like a machine gun to a ten pound hammer beating slowly on my skull. I must mention the unique song “Skeleton” that sounds like military style drums throughout. Kind of a neat combinations of sounds in that one. In my opinion, Marco is one of the best metal drummers out there. Bottom line, this is not SFU’s best CD by any means, but it is a nice continuum of the SFU trademark sound. Being a 20 year fan of SFU, I am content with this new offering and would highly recommend it to any death metal fan.