"Crypt of the Devil"

By Sgt Deth

Mr. Barnes is back and on the attack with his 11th full Six Feet Under studio album. This is by far one of my favorite SFU albums. The lyrics are just sick, in true SFU fashion. It is very recognizable, yet fresh. They have managed to impress me after all these years. Chris Barnes has managed to write fresh sounding material and it is crazy as ever. The lyrics seem to be written from the perspective of a serial killer. It took listening to this CD a few times until I got it. This is a production of shock that brings me back to the Cannibal Corpse days. This release still maintains the SFU groovy death metal sound, yet there is some subtle changes. As all truly good metal bands evolve, so has SFU. They have evolved, yet kept the same overall sound. The evolution is in the timing and precision between guitars, vocals, and drums. It is orchestrated so well. It is almost like there was a conductor involved and they all recorded together at the same time, but it was probably done as individual instrument tracks.

One example is track 6, “Slit Wrists”, where the machine gun drums come together with the guitar and brutal vocals so well. Good mix of groovy riffs and intense shredding lead guitar. Then on “Compulsion to Brutalize”, the trippy effects and awesome change ups prove Barnes song writing abilities, and the ability of the mixing technician. There is no other SFU song like that for sure. Another example is “Eternal Darkness”, where the pounding drum stops are very unique. There are a few cool change ups in almost every song, and the guitar solos are just out of this world.

If you are a long time SFU fan and do not have this album yet, get your butt in gear and get it, no brainer. If you are an old Cannibal Corpse fan, same applies. If you are interested in death metal at all, there is no reason you should not pick up this gem. Support true metal!