By Dr. Abner Mality

Is there ANY form of metal the Swedes can't master? Here we have their attempt to bring back sleaze metal ala 1988...and it's a pretty good one. Now Motley Crue style cock rockin' has never been my cup of tea, but when done with conviction, it can put steam in my stride. Crue would seem to be the main influence on Sister, but I can also detect some Hanoi Rocks, some G N' R, some LA Guns, so on, so on.

This is not the kinder and gentler side of hair metal, either, as titles like "Bullshit & Backstabbing", "Motherfuckers Like You" and "Body Blow" demonstrate. It's the harder, almost punk edge of Hollywood Boulevard, although we do get a sappy ballad in the form of "Would You Love A Creature?". Sister hits on several styles from the near-thrash "Too Bad For You" to the melodic but punchy "Werewolves On Black Street".

This is a good attempt to revive the spirit of something long gone, but there is something kind of calculated and prefab about it even though it does rock. I am not 100% convinced Sister genuinely lives the lifestyle rather than just doing a picture perfect rendition of it. But if you are pining for the days of monster bouffants and getting wasted in the neon gutters of Hollywood, "Hated" should provide your fix.