"The Enigma Of Life"

By Earthdog

Alright... for the next few minutes while you read this ,I am going to come off as a complete asshole reviewer who is jaded and some of you will hate me for what I am about to say about this band, Sirenia. The truth is, this style of gothic orchestral metal is something I keep trying to get into and I don't know why I keep torturing myself with this derivative drivel. This band's best album came out in 2002, it was their début titled "At Sixes And Sevens" and it was one of the better albums ever released in the genre. Since then the band has continued to sink deeper and deeper into banality through ever-increasing pop elements being added to their albums and an increasing use of pretentious musical ideas that go nowhere. Any of the heavy elements the band might have had before are now gone, there is absolutely nothing heavy about this at all but worse still are the ideas they present to the listener... terrible lyrics, disjointed arrangements and generally forgettable musicianship. The amazing thing is, they are good players so how good musicians can still come up with this boring, banal garbage is beyond me.

Guitars that used to have a bit of bite to them are gone completely and have been replaced with a weak, ineffective mainstream backing instrument. The vocals are thin and have no power or passion to them at all and that, in conjunction with some of the most horrible lyrics I have heard in the last few years, makes this a real chore to listen to. One could argue Ailyn's voice suits the gothic style but there are a million vocalists just like her so she hasn't even got an original element going for her. But she is good-looking so I will put up a picture of her so at least we can get something enjoyable out of this review.

One of the other rather cruel aspects of this release, is these sugar-coated thin vocals go on and on and you don't get any relief till track 7, some 24 minutes into the disc when a death-metal vocal appears and that is pretty terrible too, but at least it is a change and you need it by this stage of the album. The band seems to be working really hard at being big, symphonic and bombastic but they don't produce one single melody on the album that is anything above uninspired and putrid. There are also cheesy elements to further push this album into the 'steaming pile of poop' category. Just when you think it can't get any worse, they give you choirs that are again devoid of good melody. There are terribly poppy keyboards that would be better off playing behind the Wiggles or some other kind of child's novelty act and then they have the balls to add in happy piano parts. Please, shoot me now! There is literally only one song on the entire album that cuts the mustard and it is "Fading Star" and it doesn't come into play till 11 tracks in and I doubt if anyone will get that far into it before climbing the walls in frustration at how tedious this is.

This is predictable, musically awful to the extreme and a piss-poor attempt at trying to be classy. This album stinks like the proverbial turd and if you want some extra proof on how bad this is, listen to their first album and you will see how far this band has fallen into the sea of banality. Their début is a masterpiece compared with this garbage and that is saying something. I don't normally get this nasty in a review but this album is just offensive and should have never been released. In a word - "Atrocious." .... 2/10