“Shattered Shores”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Melodic death/power metal in the style of Gothenburg has never been a big deal with me, but I know quality when I hear it. Silent Line come from rural Alberta, Canada and they have really come up with a strong and professional release here.

Apparently this is their second album, but they’re a new name to me. It’s hard to believe this is a self-released effort because it has all the hallmarks of something you would hear on Nuclear Blast or Century Media. The production is crystal clear and the advanced orchestration is superb. Imagine the best of OLD In Flames and Dark Tranquility mixed with some symphonic power metal touches and you have where Silent Line is at. Over the course of “Shattered Shores”, the sound does become rather samey and monolithic, but I still admire the talent that’s gone into this.

The music here also has a very medieval approach that I  can only call elegant. First cut “Frost of the Night” starts with symphonic tones and turns into something that sounds like a more refined Obsequiae. That’s how strong the baroque/medieval touch is. The vocals are varied and towards gruff death growls but use clean singing when appropriate. The guitar soloing is exquisite! If you want to hear a really well constructed melodic death metal song, “Summersong” is a good place to start.
As stated before, it does sound samey after a while, but I am impressed with what Silent Line has come up with on “Shattered Shores”.