“Psychodelic Horror”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Now here’s a totally warped and weird piece of sonic shrapnel that dares to do something different.  SIGN OF EVIL is 100% crazy ass Chilean Gothic speed metal that sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of a well full of demon blood. It’s the product of a guy in a ski mask named Witchfucker, which of itself means nothing. How many fucking bands have guys in masks these days? And underground dudes have been calling themselves names like Witchfucker since the early days of SODOM…

I was ready for the usual subpar caveman death metal, but wow, is this different! Mr. Fucker has put so much distortion and so many over the top effects on his guitar that is literally sounds unearthly. Super twangy and loose, yet with thunderous power in spots and the music is definitely based on thrash and punk. The only band doing anything remotely similar to this is DEVIL MASTER, but I like SIGN OF EVIL better. The guitar just sounds so fuckin’ WEIRD on all six of these short songs and Witchfucker creates riffs unlike anything I’ve heard before, like on “Horror” and “Force To Eternity”. That “vroom-vroom” sound on “Death Crew” is particularly strange and potent.

Add to this the fact that the music can segue at any moment into cryptic piano and strings that sound like they’re on loan from an early 70’s Italian horror-prog band and you have something that is just bizarre enough to flip the Dr.’s wig. The vocals are the one typical thing about SIGN OF EVIL...they are the standard rough growls. This whole thing only lasts about 15 minutes, but it’s 15 minutes you can’t predict and that you won’t see coming. And that, friends, makes “Psychodelic Horror” worth your time and money…