“Sex With Dead Body”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Oh me, oh my! This is crassness and crudeness on a far different level than most supposedly “evil” metal bands. Is it stupid? You bet it is! Just take one look at the pics of SHITFUCKER and prepare to laugh, vomit and scream at the same time. What we have here are the true sons of G.G.; the (necro) spiritual successors of Mr. Allin.

Make no mistake, although this is on a metal label, the roots and soul of SHITFUCKER are in pure, rebellious punk rock. Simple songs, snappy riffs, raw sound, an overwhelming desire to transgress against all societal norms...that’s what you’ll find here. In a surprise, the album is bookended by two electro-soundscapes called “Naked Came The Stranger”, which prove these guys are fans and devotees of direct-to-video slashers and Goblin-eseque giallos. Sandwiched in between are punk/thrash cuts like “Leather Lady Lover”, “Serial Killer” and “Sex With Dead Bodies”. The roots of songs like these go all the way back to THE DAMNED, There’s also echoes of early German thrash and raw South American death metal. “Divinating Death” and “Splatter Master”are a couple of cuts that show heavier, more metallic influences.

Few bands are more worthy of the “what you see is what you get” adage than SHITFUCKER. Let’s get real, if you pick up an album called “Sex With Dead Body” by a band with this name, you know what’s going on. These freaks are more authentic than many other “shock metal” bands…