"The Golden Age of Daredevils"


Ever since forming in 1993, Canada's own Sheavy have been the quintessential Stoner Metal band, a demo was quickly recorded in 93 followed by another in 94, a EP called "Dalas Tar" in 95 and then the classic full length "Blue Sky Mind" in 1996. The band really got themselves noticed in the underground in March of 98 when "The Electric Sleep" was released by Rise Above. That album was a landmark album for the band and Stoner Metal in general with sabbathian riff worship throughout and a start to finish track-list of classic material that has stood the test of time. A Split album with Japan's Church Of Misery quickly followed, that album featured a Sheavy version of Black Sabbath's War Pigs. "Celestial Hi-Fi" in 2000 and "Synchronized" in 2002 further cemented their position as Canada's leaders in the genre. Another full length titled "Republic" and a 20 track DVD, "Republic? At the Masonic Temple" both were released in 2005. The DVD still gets a run through once a month or so in my house, it's timeless and simply essential. In 2007 came "The Machine That Won The War", another essential kick ass CD and the first 1000 copies included a bonus DVD of a live performance from March 2007.

Now in 2010, the incredible body of work continues with another full length album titled "The Golden Age Of Daredevils". This time around a major change has occurred with the departure of guitarist Dan Moore after 16 years of faithful service. But wait, Sheavy is a very busy animal indeed. Even though this is a very new release, already in the mastering stage is another new album"entitled "Disfigurine" and this should be out within the next 2 months!  Need more Sheavy in your life ? Well ,in December comes a "Best Of" compilation but the guys promise some real surprises with the release of the disc so don't expect a typical greatest hits type package. Ok, so now where was I? Oh yeah, the new album "The Golden Age Of Daredevils". This album is classic Sheavy but with slight changes, a slightly different direction and usually that means disaster but in the case of this monster, the news is all good. This is a wall to wall kick ass riff-fest that sees Sheavy dropping 99% of any of their Psychedelic, Spacey Rock leanings in preference of ultra-heavy riffing, tight arrangements and super-slick songwriting with infectious hooks that come at you thick and fast.

Some elements haven't changed, they still have that organic, fuzzy guitar sound. Where Fu Manchu and similar acts seem to have misplaced their sound somewhere along the way, Sheavy still have it intact. Steve Hennessy still sounds like Ozzy more than ever but most importantly, I think this is their most complete album thus far in their career. While previous albums tended to have one or two fillers, "The Golden Age Of Daredevils" doesn't suffer the same fate at all. The album opening title track runs over the top of you with the heavy-lead weight of the Mack truck, "For Those Who Chose To Stay" might just be the coolest Sheavy track ever especially in the closing section (try sitting still while groovin to this beast). "Loving The Abyss" stands tall in the pack with 8 minutes of majestic guitar work and essential, tight-ass songwriting. "The Black Tower" is just as strong as anything Sheavy as ever produced so far and "Neutron Star" has so much groove it should be illegal. I must also mention the short and sweet "Lucifer At Sunset"... absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing.

Look up "Riff-Rock" in any music directory and there should be a photo of these cats from Canada. If you think the golden age of "Stoner Metal" is over or gone well and truly stale, then pick up a copy of this. The production is excellent, the guitar and bass sounds are rich with fuzzy and throbbing goodness and Steve Hennessy's vocals are at its peak of power and expression. Then the icing on the bud-brownie cake are the jamming solo's which among the best I have heard this year. For Sheavy fans - you will love this and for those who still haven't heard the band, it's time to buy this and be prepared to be rocked. Awesome album. 9.5/10