"Just Death"

By  Dr. Abner Mality

It is my considered opinion that nobody is more punk than Shaved Women. Just the band name alone is as punk as you can get...if you're gonna call yourself that, you better be as tough as hell. And these boys sound like they drink kerosene and piss napalm.

This is real, pure and raw. It's the essence of what the original punk bands were and what they meant to do, only toughened up for the 21st century. The churning electric buzzsaw that calls itself a guitar packs a punch comparable to Swedish death metal, while not being metal in the least. "No One Gets In" sports one hell of a cool and brutal punk riff...simple but brilliant. The vocals also wear spiky hair and dirty black leather. Not singing at all, just an angry rant that applies itself to lyrics from songs such as "I Don't Belong Here" and "Bottom Feeder". Everything is kept short, sharp and slicing. Is it sometimes too familiar? Yes, right, but there's an overwhelming feeling of purity to "Just Death" that transcends time and space. This beast of an album ends with a hypnotic, repetitive "World of Change" that pounds itself into you brain...a negative anthem if ever I heard one.

This is one beast of a punk rock album. Seek out Shaved Women for your next little romp in the sack and you might walk away with a black eye and a couple fewer teeth.