By Dr. Abner Mality

This is the only shark I know that lives in the middle of Europe...the Czech Republic, to be exact. Apparently the band has roots going back to the 90's. My interest gets piqued when I see that SHAARK contains two former members of MASTER and a drummer from KRABATHOR. That's a pretty good pedigree. "Deathonation", though, I can say is best described as "average". There's some solid metal here and also some forgettable stuff.

SHAARK seems to be coming from more of a thrash angle than the death metal of MASTER and KRABATHOR, although this is sure heavy. It's got a warm, meaty sound that revolves around simple, burly riffs and some screaming leads. "Union of Pain" is a serviceable opener, but the album starts to hit its stride with "Monsteroid", a cut that reminds me a lot of the late great WARGASM ."Corruption" ups the ante even more, with some impressive Latin-style drumming and a catchy riff that's so simple, it's brilliant. This middle part of the album is where SHAARK shines.

Things start to go off the rails in the last third. I don't know what they were trying for with "Trapped In the Net, Part 1", but they didn't get it. The vocals are an odd singalong almost like something from a hair metal song and don't work at all. Which is a good place to mention that vocalist Ctibor is far from striking...flat would be a better way to describe him. "Trapped In the Net Part 2" is a little bit better but not much...they are straying from the basic, sturdy sound that works best for them. A cover of PURPLE's "Speed King" is also pretty awkward and something best not attempted, with Ctibor's tones on the opposite end of the scale from Ian Gillan.

Not really a bad album from these finny fiends, but definitely could have been a bit more bite from this SHAARK.