"Time Travelers & Bonfires"

By Dark Starr
This is a new acoustic album from Sevendust. If you expect, based on the fact that it’s acoustic, that this will he mellow and hum drum, think again. These guys still manage to rock it out and it gets heavy at times. Sevendust is a unique act in that they fit in well with the modern nu-metal meets alternative rock style of bands, but transcend that sound at the same time. There are a lot of influences and stretches of sound in this set (made up both of new songs and reworkings of classic Sevendust tunes).

A lot of the success of this album (and the band in general) can be chalked up to the extremely strong and emotional vocals of Lajon Witherspoon. This guy is one of the best frontmen around and his emotive voice adds so much texture and power. To experience how Sevendust can turn an acoustic cut into a headbanging metal song, listen to the likes of "Upbeat Sugar", "Bonfire" and "Karma". Not many bands can pull this trick off. But the acoustic approach also bring an almost progressive sound to tunes like "One Life" and "Denial". This is just a great rocking album that is sure to please Sevendust’s fans and probably earn them some new ones at the same time.