By Dr. Abner Mality

I didn't think I'd see this snake slithering by again. When I heard that drummer Tim Bagshaw rejoined Electric Wizard, I thought the Serpentine Path project he collaborated on with former members of Unearthly Trance would fade into oblivion. I am delighted to be completely wrong. "Emanations" firmly follows in the deathly tread of the first self-titled Serpentine Path album, delivering more painful and grinding doom.

Although the field of sludgy death-doom is woefully overcrowded these days, there is a sense of authenticity that makes these guys stand above. They lurch around like a reanimated cadaver in search of fresh meat...slow but unstoppable. "Emanations" brings forth seven tank like odes of grim despair. The pace is slightly more upbeat than the debut, but since that record sounded like the funeral dirge of the world, this is not difficult to accomplish. Let me assure you, no peppy odes restoring faith in humanity here. Instead, songs like "House of Worship",  "Disfigured Colossus" and "Essence of Heresy" crawl ruthlessly along, propelled by ten ton riffs that are quite basic but effective. The sick roar of Ryan Lipynsky is the whipped cream on top of this rotting cake.

It's a rock solid follow up to the first Serpentine Path album and shows that these guys are not just a one off. They are here to stay...whether you like it or not.