"Machine Messiah"

By Sgt Deth

I have mixed feelings about this new CD from Brazilian metal gods Sepultura. Other metal fans that I have spoke to say it reminds them of the "Roots" album, which I partially agree with. I can hear that Roots tribal sound in some songs, especially some of the percussion which sound like hands on bongo drums at times. I don’t think the entire album sounds like "Roots" though. There is even a rare instrumental, "Iceberg Dances", which is kind of all over the place and different from "Roots", but still showcases their great instrumental talent as a whole. They even experiment with an epic metal sounding song, "Sworn Oath".

 The album starts out with the title track, "Machine Messiah", which is one of the slowest Sepultura songs I have ever heard. First couple listens I was irritated by that song, but it has grown on me now. It does pick up a little towards the end of the song and the vocals are full of angst and feelings. Then there are a couple total speed metal songs such as "Vandals Nest" and "I Am The Enemy" that are super-fast and heavy. There is also a very catchy song, "Resistant Parasites", that I spin all the time. It is my go to song on this new release for now. That song really reminds me of the "Chaos A.D". days, which is still my second favorite Sepultura album. "Arise" will probably always be my most favorite. "Arise" came out back in the day when they were really starting to break new ground. Some new ground is being broke on this new one, but nothing like the "Arise" or earlier days.

Sepultura's current lineup consists of vocalist Derrick Green (since 1998), guitarist Andreas Kisser (since 1987), bassist Paulo Jr. (since 1985) and drummer Eloy Casagrande (since 2011). Andreas and Paulo are veterans and you can hear the years of practice come through in their guitar playing. There is no doubt they are some of the best guitar players on earth. And I always appreciate Derrick’s vocals. He puts so much feeling and power in to every song he sings. This new Sepultura took me a while to get used to. They are definitely changing it up, while staying heavy and sticking to their Roots.