“Rotting Civilization”

By Dr. Abner Mality

After more than 30 years, Lee Dorrian returns to grindcore. Septic Tank is the outlet for the former Cathedral and Napalm Death frontman and doom guru to release his anger. And in the last conversation I had with him, he’s got a lot of anger to get rid of. Joining him In Septic Tank is Cathedral cohort Gaz Jennings, bass player and grind godfather Scott Carlson of the mighty Repulsion and on drums, renowned metal producer Jamie Gomez Arellano.

Septic Tank is pretty much what I thought it would be and what fans should expect it to be. 18 tracks of blazing punk-influenced heaviness. It’s really a kind of tour through many styles of grindcore, from Discharge-fueled D-beat (“Who>”, “Social Media Whore”) to Motorhead-style punkiness (“You Want Some”, “Digging Your Own Grave”) to Frost/Hellhammer thunder (“Death Vase”, “Living Death”) to the expect total blur Napalm Death grind (“Victimized”, “Fucked”). I suspect the more subterranean grind fans will find that Septic Tank sounds too “clean”, but the majority of listeners will have no problem with this mix. Carlson’s bass is fat, but not quite the monstrosity that Shane Embury’s was on the early Napalm releases.

It’s a little bit too pat to really shake things up, but if you want your sinuses cleared with some extreme grind, you’ll be glad to take a dive into this Septic Tank.