“Apocalyptic Rhymes”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Not much I can say about “Apocalyptic Rhymes” except it exists. That’s about all. The Cruz del Sur label usually does better than this. What is Septagon? I would describe it as very mild thrash metal mixed with Euro power metal and an occasional Metal Church feel. That could even work if memorable songwriting was there. But the songs just come across as rather blah.

There are members of Atlantean Kodex in here, but you’d never know it. Nothing epic about this. There is a pretty strong political component to these guys and if there’s any fire here, it’s in their lyrics. “P.O.T.U.S.A.” is a real slam at Cheeto Mussolini and is the most enjoyable tune not only because I agree with what they say, but the track has a genuine anger the others lack. The rest goes in one ear and out the other, climaxing with a poor Metallica ballad wanna-be, “Sunset Blood”.

If these guys want the thrasher label, then play like you want to kick the hell out of somebody. If they want to go the power metal/Metal Church route, then write more memorable songs. Septagon is not terrible and they are good musicians, but you won’t remember much about “Apocalyptic Rhymes”.