“As The Ages Passing By…”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Greece’s Sense of Fear have most of their ducks in a row when it comes to straight up heavy metal, yet for some reason “As The Ages Passing By…” doesn’t fully convince me. All the proper ingredients are present (with one major exception) but they just aren’t blended together the right way.

That distinction is so fine that it may just be my own personal quirks. These guys have put together a very professional sounding record with a nice crunchy production. The old school influences are very prominent, but there is something about the production that gives this a modern edge as well. The music I would describe as classic metal mixing with a mild Anthrax kind of thrash chug and European power metal. Not a bad mix, but some of it comes across flat. With the title track and “Slaughter of Innocence”, the reach for something epic but the result comes across as draggy.

I preferred the punchy semi-thrash attack of “Lord of This World”, which really gets the head banging, and the Priest-influenced “Angel of Steel”. One problem is that vocalist Ilias Kytidis doesn’t have all that much range. His voice doesn’t do much for me. Something a little fuller and richer is called for.

This is one of those albums that comes up squarely in the middle. Not bad by any means and actually very true to the metal creed, but nothing that is going to reach up and smack you in the face. My suggestion is give them a listen first and then see where they stand for you.