"You've Been Had!"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Seizure Crypt are the pests that won't go away! They keep hanging around ,stealing your beer, hitting on your girlfriend and playing half-ass pranks. The crazy New Yorkers have returned to action after a slumber of several years and "You've Been Had!" sees them more obnoxious than ever.

This is the peak of Seizure Crypt's goofcore career. Their previous releases were fun but sloppy as hell, indifferently produced and uneven as a hockey goalie's teeth. "You've Been Had!" is sharp, crisp and focused, without losing the street-level lunacy that's been their trademark. The album focuses exclusively on hardcore and thrash, without the detours into different rock sounds that marred previous albums. You will thrash and skank when you hear "M.I.K.Y.", "Chompin' At The Bit" and "Spastic Summer" and that couldn't always be said of old Seizure Crypt!

To keep the in you face stupidity high, we get main vocals that sound like a dockworker on a Friday night bender, coupled with what sounds like Edith Bunker on a meth binge. The combo of shrieks and monotone roars would anybody else, but since these guys keep things fast and dopey, it doesn't kill the album.

Pretty much the best thing they've done, Seizure Crypt does things their own way and doesn't care what you think.  Silly, slamming hardcore!