By Renato Brujo

Upon initial listens it was revealed to me that this Oakland, CA five piece possesses heavy riffs and capable musicianship yet a certain depth that sets apart all great bands is missing. Indeed the bombastic sound quality is not overly polished in the recording but the songs are overtly sprawling and with minimal direction that expands into unique brilliance. The surplus of professional characteristics within in the band  did not outweigh the fact the dramatic vocals lack character and much needed variety.

Unfortunately, despite being signed to an established label being venerated and praised it is in this listeners opinion that the prog doom post metal being utilized is to no avail in giving the songs a defined presence. Instead it comes off as middle of the road with Goth type warbles not unlike the singer in Saviour Machine. I'll assume that band name is unknown to the vast majority reading this but I suggest you give it a comparative listen and find out if you agree.  In essence these guys have passion but lack a unique sound, coming off as two dimensional. For those that do enjoy the non filthy non menacing non hallucinogenic funeral doom and instead the more cleaner delicate variety of the heavy, it's worth at least checking out. There were moments and glimmers of interest such as in "Angel in Vines" but they are surpassed in number by otherwise excessively lengthy tracks that went no where near the realms of others that do it far much more better.. Doom Brujo, over n out...