By Moon Beast

I have listened to this album and the result of this caused me to wonder how these guys are on their 6th full length album. This sounds like the musical equivalent to the concept of smothering some sort of dirty old chicken food product that just tastes like a spongey "matter" in hot sauce to make it taste better. That's what it sounds like they did in the arrangements within this release. The first track, "No More Colours"  reminds me of some sort of Roger Waters vocal style, paired with boring guitars. "Man Behind The Sun" is a huge step up from "Dirty Black", which was poor. "Hole" starts out with another boring intro, and finally picks up around 2 minutes, when the song reveals its true colors. I enjoyed this one as well, to some extent. 

"Here Lies The Sun" starts off strong with very heavy hitting drums/guitars. The vocals on this song (and album) are entirely strange and alien-like.  In some ways I like this, and this band is doing something very different vocally. Maybe it is supposed to be artistic expression. Overall this is a strong 7 minute heavy hitter on this album. Next up is "I Took The Sky Away", which starts out with a somber piano intro, and continues with dreary guitars... This song continues with slow chuggy riffing that spirals into continuing mediocrity.

The final song on this album is titled "Mark of Cain", and the guitar intro is great, in a non-mechanically separated chicken way. This song is good, and the guitars stand out on this one. I was beginning to wonder if the album even had a great guitar part. Luckily, this song (and album) ends on a high note. Something about these guitar tones tells me they were highly polished to the point of excess, a.k.a. sterilization, which is a major downside to this release.

Overall, this album is quite boring, and other than the somewhat fresh vocal style and the great sounding drums, it turns to what I would categorize as mediocre. Sadly, neither of these things are enough to hold the album together well enough to call "Good". The only thing that would qualify as good or well executed on this entire release would be the drums.

 This is a very below average album that I think could have been better if it was only executed in another manner. 3 of the 7 tracks on this album were ALMOST worth listening to, in my opinion. I think that these guys were aiming for some sort of cerebral sound, but somehow got off track to the point of creating some sort of excess sinew of stained tissue paper. I would not recommend this album.