“Speed Metal Mania/To The Grave”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I’ve heard the name Seax popping up the last few years but this is my first real encounter with them. It won’t be the last! This Massachusetts squad is committed to speed and thrash in the true 80’s tradition with no filler and nothing diluting the purity of the sound.

This is actually a 2 CD reissuing of their 2nd and 3rd  albums. I don’t usually review reissued material but I’ll make an exception for a band that puts my neck in a brace like Seax does. “To The Grave” is their earlier 2nd LP and this sucker rips in true 80’s fashion. It’s a bit rawer and more primal than “Speed Metal Mania” and there’s an obvious Motorhead influence to tunes like “Speed Psycho” and “Crush Your Enemies”. And yes, they follow “Crush Your Enemies” with a song called “Lamentation of the Women”, how cool is that? If Motorhead was an all out thrash band with cleaner vocals, they would have been a lot like Seax on this disc.

“Speed Metal Mania” is the 3rd album and shows a notable tightening of style. For this record, the influences seem to come much more from Agent Steel and the mighty Exciter. This is just heads down, rip your fuckin’ head off speed thrash with bone-breaking riffs and screaming leads. Finland’s Ranger is another band that can be compared to Seax, although Seax doesn’t overdo the high pitched screams like Ranger does. Listen to the awesome fury of “Doomsday Society” and bow your head in respect to a band that just wants to detonate a nuclear-sized moshpit. This track not only defines the band but the very style they play.

This split is a great way to catch up with one of the more exciting traditional thrash/speed bands treading the boards today. Very pure and unsullied metal!