“Last Act of Defiance”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Cribbing your album title from an Exodus song kind of prepares you to hear some thrash metal. That’s not what you get from this long running Florida band. Instead they play a type of dark medium paced metal highly reminiscent of Metal Church but with more of a progressive feel.

The album kicks off with its best song “Solar Flare”, which is a great heavy metal track that summons up memories of Metal Church and Judas Priest right away.  Wes Waddell’s vocals for sure remind you of the late David Wayne, only they are even more nasal and high pitched. If you’re not a fan of that type of singing, be warned. 
Seasons of the Wolf’s material manages to be enjoyable but it is certainly not of earth-shaking caliber.  Synth and keyboard plays a fairly prominent role and that gives these guys a kind of prog edge. Long songs like “Be Careful What You Wish” and the title track go for that epic Metal Church feel but fall short. I prefer the pacy rockers like “Fools Gold” and “No More Room In Hell”.

This is not the kind of release most trad metal fans are going to dislike but neither is it something to get real excited about.