"The Earth Wants Us Dead"

by Octopi Mills

Angry, hollering big man vocals over droning chords you've heard a million times before comes through the speakers, though with a little better atmospheric sound to it to fool you into believing he will change; he will stop using and repay you the money he stole. Big and loud, dumb and mean, the music lumbers closer to a club near you, and there may be a vinyl repress of this in different colors to take away from the fact that there is nothing interesting in the music other than the fact people spent time to record it instead of keeping it to themselves, or listening to Neurosis.

Sea of Bones sounds like some kind of punching bag or pinata filled with generic opium derivatives designed for real or imagined pains, inflicted by real or imagined wrongs.  More masculine than emo, but yet somehow just as useless, the music uses pace against the listener and slows one's soul, turning blood into chocolate gravy and making the mind open to attack from from all sorts of sociopath phenomena. This could be the record companies plot from afar  to further weigh down mankind, and make men useless. Certainly, it is a selfish affair, and ridiculous to think there is serious concerns in these lyrics, other than venting over some personal feelings of inadequacy whether in the world or something stemming  from a false identity, and thus preaches to the choir on this end. There are some powerful enough moments, but it is like  listening to a motor being pushed to destruction, and is something over played.

"The Earth Wants Us Dead"....i can hardly blame it if this statement is even true. The moments roll on and on, playing out until there is nothing left to feel, and the wheels come off well before the songs are played out, though this formula seems to be a good escapism,  into further mires. These might be the best guys in the world, however and I don't wish this to be taken personal should they read their own reviews. Keep fighting somehow, I would say.