"The Black EP"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Prepare for about 15 minutes of pain on "The Black EP". This is the last of a series of 3 EPs released by the extreme metal supergroup, which features Phil Anselmo on vocals as well as members of PIG DESTROYER, MISERY INDEX and AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED. Frankly, I think EPs might be the best way for these guys to go, because a long album of material as abrasive as this would be too much to take. This like like being lashed by a cat o' nine tails studded with thumb tacks.

"Doom" starts with an air raid siren and a staccato burst of high pitched guitar that hits you like the sting of a tattoo needle. Then the grind comes blasting in. SCOUR is best described as a well produced combo of black metal, grindcore and brutal death elements. Phil's guttural and screaming vocals are amazingly potent here. Strangely enough, he seems to excel at opposite ends of the spectrum...the tortured roars of SCOUR and the low crooning of EN MINOR. On "in between" music like DOWN, he sounds out of gas. But not here. Believe it or not, guests on "Doom" are HATE ETERNAL overlord Erik Rutan...and Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa!!! 

The ravaging continues sharp and short, with nothing exceeding 3:33. CANNIBAL CORPSE's Pat O'Brien puts in an appearance on "Flames". "Microbes" cools things down with an ominous sounding piano based instrumental, leading into "Subprime", where the cold melody is most reminiscent of harsh black metal. 

A full album from SCOUR is going to be a challenge for sure. Until that time comes, surrender to "The Black" if you dare.