“Ecliptic Butchery”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you’re one of those depraved souls into death metal for the sickness and not the technicality, then Scorched will give you your fix…and how! These demented Delaware maniacs give even Autopsy a run for their money in the sickness department. This is vomit-inducing heaviness.

Autopsy is a valid comparison because Scorched’s songs do not follow a strict pattern. The tunes can blast with infernal speed but suddenly slow down to a putrid crawl. Cat strangling guitar solos can erupt at any time and there’s plenty of that here. There’s also a brutal slam component to Scorched that would please fans of Devourment or any Sevared Records band. I like the songs like “Astral Savior”, “Mortuary of Nightmares” and “Barbaric Experimentation” where all these elements are in play and balance each other out.

As with almost every band that dabbles in the upper 1% of extremity, there are moments that become a faceless mush as well. That kind of goes with the territory. There is an overall feeling of twisted horror circling around “Ecliptic Butchery” that cannot be faked and that’s the strength of this record that allows it to overcome its more average moments. Very few new bands can create this classic feeling.

Revel in the sickness!