"A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies"

By Dr. Abner Mality

When I think of Greek metal, I think of defiantly oldschool 80's worship or evil and twisted black metal. Scar of the Sun is neither of these, but a totally modern act with a lot more resemblance to current In Flames and Soilwork, mixed with a touch of prog metal ala Dream Theater and pseudo-industrial such as Mnemic.

This album is very well executed and extremely well played for its style...but the style is not for me. This is just way too smooth and plastic, with barely a rough spot on it. To me, those rough spots are what make metal heavy. Here, they've all been sanded off by digital recording and an unwavering allegiance to sonic perfection. The vocals are a good case in point...highly melodic, very "flat" sounding. Not a scream, grunt or old fashioned yell to be found. We need those once in a while to liven things up.

To be honest, "A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies" is NOT by the numbers. There are some neat songwriting touches to be found, like the smooth way orchestral parts are woven into songs like "A Pause In the Disaster" and "Burn the Memory". Female vocals are also occasionally spliced in to good effect. And there is some heaviness to be found....just not the kind of heaviness with real weight and grit. If I had to pick a favorite here, it would be the enjoyably thick "8th Ocean Dried".

This new band comes recommended to modern metalheads digging the likes of Mnemic and Threat Signal. As for me, I'm gonna put on the last Bulldozer record...