“Under The Devil’s Tail”

By Dr. Abner Mality

A few years back, I became familiar with long running US punk band Scanner and its “monster kid” mastermind Joe Brady Sirborg. Scanner is one of the purest and most undiluted punk bands I’ve  heard, untouched by any sort of subgenre hair-splitting. “Under The Devil’s Tail” is their new EP and delivers more of that “natural” punk sound.

The title track sees a bit more of a bluesier, rootsier style, almost like a George Thorogood gone badass punk. The track is ridiculously catchy, especially the chorus, and Brady’s vocals are set to maximum snottiness. The ghost of The Cramps rises during “Tapeworm”, which is about as simple and stripped down as you can get. There’s an earthy twang to this song, but it is maybe a bit too simplistic for its own good…it almost sounds like it writes itself!

The EP highlight for sure is “Membrane Men”, where Scanner’s love of oldschool monster culture comes to the forefront. This is a raw and heavy tune with some awesome sci-fi  theremin or synth effects giving it a cool retro feel. The song is inspired by the “Strange Change” toy of the late 60’s, which just about every monster kid had. The EP wraps up with the pure punk of “Hippie Authority Song”, where Brady expresses his outrage over the labeling of people so prevalent in society. It’s a very familiar sounding tune but sincerity rings through.

As I have stated before, not much like this is left around here these days. If you recall the punk of decades past with fondness, this should be a no-brainer.