By Dr. Abner Mality

Not to be confused with the German power metal band, these Pennsylvanians have managed to capture the pure and untainted essence of punk rock on "Splat". When I say punk, I mean punk in the original late 70's spirit of the word. This album is not emo, pop-punk, synth-punk, hardcore, grindcore, ad nauseum. It's sarcastic and angry guitar driven music...period.

Scanner themselves have some fun with overzealous genre classification on "Yeah, We Suck", with lyrics that say "not enough leads, not enough thrash...yeah, we suck!"  Actually, that's a great snotty punk rock song and it's a pretty good example of what you get here. But a great thing about "Splat" is that there's actually a pretty good range to it despite the simplicity of the music. This is a band trademark. There's real fast stuff like "Fist In the Air" and "Queen of the Stage", more chunky mid paced stomp like "Letter To the Government" and "Straight Jacket" and some tunes that aren't easy to peg except to say that they are punk rock. I really like the choppy "Just Like Bela" with lyrics inspired by "Bride of the Monster". They also do an awesome cover of Bowie's "Suffragette City" and a cowpunk adaptation of the old country chestnut "Kaw-Liga". The only song I think they missed the mark on was "Ghost Song", which tries to be a lot moodier than usual but just doesn't do the job.

This is a fun and energetic listening experience for anybody looking for that rarest of modern sound...honest punk rock.