“In Your Head” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

Once a year you can count on Pennsylvania’s Scanner releasing an EP of American punk rock with plenty of horror overtones. 2018 brings us “In Your Head” and it’s as rootsy and reliable as the band’s past product. The band specializes in simple and super catchy guitar rock that brings a smile to the face and doesn’t overtax the brain.

Two of the band’s obsessions are hot rods and monsters and you get your dose of them with first two cuts “Big Daddy Dragster” and “Frankenstein’s Flivver”.  Both are crunchy,greasy rock made for driving fast down the highway,particularly at night with a full moon. There’s always a kind of 50’s rockabilly feel to Scanner but a bit tougher r and meaner. “Never Go Back” is the rawest and fastest song on the EP and the most purely punk. “Switchblades and Leather” is the weird one this time around, with a kind of nervous, subdued feel and even what sounds like a lot of vinyl scratching. Joseph Sirborg’s vocals are odder and more in a horror vein. This one dragged a bit for my taste. The record ends with the very Americana roots rock of “TV Lights”, which has a somewhat melancholy tone.

Another entertaining record from these guys. Hope they can find the endurance to do a full length some day…