"Battering Ram"

By Colonel Angus

Saxon is no longer just a band; they are a NWOBHM institution.  Aside from the “Rock The Nations” and “Destiny” albums, Saxon has churned out exceptional album (although I have to say, both of those CDs have some good tunes on them).  “Battering Ram” is their 21st studio record and, like the disks from the last 2 decades, this one is a winner.  The band keep coming up with great, catchy tunes in their trademark NWOBHM style and although they are not breaking any new ground here, they are giving us fans what we want.  The title track starts things off with its fast riffing but catchy chorus and don’t let up until the final track.  “Queen of Hearts” is another standout track with a cool bridge that reminds me a little of “Frozen Rainbow”.  If you buy the regular version of this disk, the you will end your listening pleasure with “Kingdom Of The Cross” but I suggest getting the deluxe version so you get the extra track “Three Sheets To The Wind (The Drinking Song)” which is well worth getting.  

The band is same as it has been for quite some time and that is why they have been consistently great.  They know their formula and they stick with it only adding a little here and there to keep us listeners on our toes.  When I say that “they are not breaking any new ground” or “sticking to their formula”, I don’t mean it in a bad way.  Like AC/DC and Motorhead, Saxon has a sound and they will always have that sound; no matter what they put out.  There will always be a level of quality to their releases but on “Battering Ram” they went that little bit extra and came up with an album that sits nicely alongside their classic albums.