"7/Live N Lethal"

By Colonel Angus

The year was 1983 when Savage unleashed their classic Loose ‘N Lethal.  Back then, I thought this record was a classic and it fit in nicely with all my other NWOBHM records. Listening back to that release, I’m reminded of a fun time in metal.  Quite honestly, that record has lost none of its charm over the years and it makes the Live ‘N Lethal part of this set more enjoyable.  The new material on disk one is good if somewhat pedestrian with the faster material faring much better.  Tracks like “Lock N Loaded”, “Circus Of Fools”, and “Paybacks A Bitch” capture the energy of their early material.  Elsewhere “The Road To Avalon (Sins Of The Father)” is a good track that starts off with an intro that needs to be shortened but once the track gets going, it is a decent rocker.  Much of this record is good but just that, good.  While I enjoyed some of their other material through the years, they never really conjure up the magic of their first release.  While core members Chris Bradley (bass/vocals) and Andy Dawson (lead guitar/vocals) still manage to write a decent tune, I was hoping for more.  With many bands jumping on the traditional heavy metal bandwagon, they are capturing the energy of that timeframe better than the bands that created the scene.  The new members Mark Nelson (drums) and Kristian Bradley (guitar/vocals) put in solid performances but it is the material that is lacking a bit.

The Live N Lethal part of this package is a whole different story.  Even though it is a newer live show, they play the whole Loose ‘N Lethal record (in reverse order).  It’s great having live versions of those classic songs and when positioned next to tunes from other records, you realize just how special that album is to the genre.  There are some other tracks thrown in before and after the Loose ‘N Lethal set and while they make for a cool live disk, it is those songs off the first release that are really make this package worthwhile.  In short, if you like the Loose ‘N Lethal album, then you will like disk two with the live set but the first disk, while good, won’t set the world on fire. Sometimes good is just not enough.