“Baphomet Altar Worship”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here we have a satanic war metal album from a Portuguese act. Gee, you’d never guess, would you? These type of acts all have the same cover art, the same logo font, the same type of song titles and the members all look the same with hoodies, bullet belts and bandoliers and plain black makeup. Why, then, would you expect them to sound different?

I basically analyze these bands in terms of sound production. That’s what will make or break them. On that score, SATANIZE is better than most. A lot of war metal drumming sounds like a weak clacky typewriter, but there’s some bite to SATANIZE’s drumming and a good analog crackle to it. There’s also some low end bass here, which helps to make things genuinely heavy. Without that low end, war metal sounds like golf balls rolling around in a dryer. But it’s here and it helps to give these songs a solid thump.

Other than that, you know the drill with cuts called “Council of Nuclear Holocaust”, “Shrine of Antichrist Victory” and “Barbarity Enthroned”. Don’t look for any time to breath. At least the length here is just about right. Even when well produced, I find it hard to take this stuff for more than a half hour at most.

Nuclear War-goats, get your gas masks on and prepare for battle!