By Derelikt Waugh

Is this 1987? Well, no…but you won’t remember that when you hear “Them”, the latest by UK hardcore/proto-grind stalwarts, Satanic Malfunctions. You won’t give a shit either. You’ll be too busy pogoing furiously about the room. “Them” is S.M.’s first release in over twenty years, but they haven’t missed a D-beat and quite honestly, they sound just as brutal, fast, crass and brash as ever. The only change to the formula of old is better production provided by none other than Bri Doom (of Doom). Everything’s clear as a bell, not that that matters much when every song beats your brain into blood pudding.

This is a great album for giving the finger to authority, questioning everything you’re told, tearing down the system, or simply drinking yourself into a cryonic torpor of epic proportions and breaking shit. Hell yeah! “Them” contains twenty songs, but barely scratches the half-hour mark. Short, fun, pissed-as-fuck and straight to the point, this album harkens back to the glory days of crusty punks who lived for nothing but the moment and furious little gems like this one. Give “Them” a whirl, and you’ll know exactly why.