"Die Evil"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Satan's Wrath are busy little demons indeed! The band led by face-tattooed nightmare Taz Dezogolou has been whipping up one furious album a year since their debut and "Die Evil" has arrived almost by pre-ordained schedule. Has Satan's Wrath given up their primitive and juvenile obsession with cartoon Satanism? Are you kidding? Take a look at the cover art and you'll have your answer!

I keep waiting for Taz to run out of gas with this frantic diabolical metal, but the man is truly possessed by the need to shred for Satan. "Die Evil" is the fastest and most off the chain Wrath yet! This time around, every track is hell bent and whiskey bound in the best tradition of old German thrash, early Bathory and of course Venom. "Satanic War", "Diabolical Shudder", "Coffinlust", et al are all overflowing with the crazed brimstone of early 80s evil thrash. This time, the guitar soloing is more evident and it can erupt at any moment. Satan's Wrath really enjoys the mayhem they are creating and that makes their music invulnerable to criticism or any considerations of originality.

They are keeping Hell alive and long may they continue to do so!