By Dr. Abner Mality

True confidence is when you can stick to your guns and feel no need to alter your sound or “progress” based on outside pressure. Finland’s Sargeist has this confidence. “Unbound” is a work of archetypal 90’s black metal that shows absolutely no sign of any modern influence. It is rigidly orthodox in structure. That can be a real danger if you’re not in complete control of your sound, but Sargeist doesn’t need to worry about such an outcome. They are in complete control here.

“Unbound” is dripping with frozen misanthropy and the kind of chilling melody that typifies the best “true” black metal. The music is fast and full of freezing guitar tones, with harsh croaking vocals. But there is a diabolical catchiness  to the music as well, something that makes the music listenable as well as alien. The title track is a perfect example of mixing black metal antipathy with appealing riffs. Some other strong tracks would include “The Bosom of Wisdom And Madness” and “Her Mouth Is An Open Grave”.

Sargeist has no need to experiment when they can create tunes like these. This is a band that defines their own genre perfectly.