"Evil Beyond Belief"

By Sgt Deth

If you are thinking this is the new Grim Reaper album, think no further... well, at least on that subject. This has an overall different sound than one of lead singer Steve Grimmett’s most popular former bands. Even though there are some small likenesses that are obvious, I will not waste time comparing them to old ‘80s metal. But, I do know that is where their roots come from. Everyone in the band has played in Onslaught at one time or another, and you may hear some of those roots as well. But, all four of these guys musical talent has aged like fine wine.

To start with, the drums are absolutely penetrating. I know that sounds simple, but it is not. Long time Onslaught drummer Steve Grice brings years of experience to the table on this one. While totally in your face and pounding along to the guitar riffs, you will hear some secondary beats and symbol work going on at times that is quite interesting. You can tell Steve gives it all, as he always did in Onslaught. Very old school sounding, while bringing forth fresh talented beats and symbol work that only many years of experience can produce.

Some of these songs are very guitar driven. Two examples are track 5, “Evil Beyond Belief”, and track 6, “Ruler of Eternity”, which are 8-9 minute dirges that could hold a candle to Candlemass. Both also show the talents of Steve Grimmett, which still after all these years can scream out some evil lyrics. He doesn’t sound the same as back in the “See You in Hell”, or In “Search of Sanity” days, but I really like his voice on this one. It is very reminiscent of old ‘80s metal vocals, but still has some hooks here and there that are modern. I must say it is quite diverse and changes throughout the CD.

The guitar solos do not disappoint. There are many memorable guitar riffs. In fact, all the guitar work is very unique on every song, which is a definite plus in my book. I have no complaints for this new band. I can listen to this CD every day... very catchy and there are no tracks that need the fast forward button. Every real metal fan  can unite and experience some Sanity.