“Sanctifying Ritual”

By Dr. Abner Mality

SANCTIFYING RITUAL from Germany are a throwback to ancient death metal bands like POSSESSED, PENTACLE and classic South American death/thrash like KRISIUN and early SEPULTURA. Nothing that hasn’t been done before, but these guys are very diligent in making sure their moldy mayhem has plenty of hooks and catchy riffing to grab on to.

It really does have the sound of the early 90’s death/thrash greats as far as production goes. Lots of echoey growls and analog drum blasts. The speed is omnipresent but never reaches the absurdities of war metal or slamming ultra-brutal death. There’s always a song underneath the fact, “Obsessed by Gore” is one of the flat out catchiest death metal songs I’ve heard this year. Others like “Curse of Evil” and “Mankind Devastation” have that arcane song structure that typified the early days of death metal that was influenced by thrash. Guitar solos are violent, screechy and nothing to write home about as far as technical ability goes.

This is for sure a prime example of an Iron Bonehead band. Reveling in its worship of elder days…