"False Prism"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The enigmatically named Sadgiqacea find themselves smack dab in the middle of the post-metal classification with their lengthy compositions and focus on melodic atmospheres. But there's more to these cats than the usual slowcore cliches...there's knee-buckling doom and epic droning black metal with some real aggression thrown into the mix to perk things up. The result is an album that may be of interest to more than just the usual bearded, glasses-wearing art-metal types.

Only four cuts here, so be prepared for that. "False Segments" opens with probably the most "typical" sounding track, a weaving of slow heaviness and sweeping, low-key motifs. One thing's for sure right off the bat and that's these guys have a very natural and "unadorned" sound that almost seems "live in the studio". I hate to use that overhyped term "organic", but Sadgiqacea really does have that warm but raw feel to them. "False Cross" features some realy cool percussion and hits the 10 minute plus mark, featuring eeire guitar tones and roaring vocals. With "False Prism", the album hits high gear. Clocking in at a relatively brief six and a half minutes, this reminds me much more of the epic black metal of bands like Wolves In the Throne's fast, buzzy and stimulates the senses.

The album concludes with the monolithic "True Darkness" and this song is a clinic at doing a long track with a ton of stylistic shifts and peaks and valleys. It features pounding, doomy riffs that give way to more murky black metal before returning to thunderous mid-tempo riffs that build to what seems a mighty climax. But that's just a false finish that leads to an extended stretch of mellow, vaguely Oriental guitar hooks that build to another huge crescendo.

I'm not a fan or aficianado of post-metal stuff by any stretch, but I can definitely say that Sadgiqacea have got more going for them than most bands in the sub-genre.