“Drugs and Death”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Anybody looking for crude and grooving rifferama is highly encouraged to check out Sacroscum. I don’t know where this pernicious duo hails from, but they’ve conjured up a fun and filthy album highly recommended to fans of current Darkthrone, classic Celtc Frost and Venom, topped off with a dash of D-beat and early 90’s black metal.

After the minute and 17 second “Initium”, which sounds like nuts and bolts in a washing machine, the band lay out their true agenda with the title track and it’s crusty riffs that ooze across your brain like slime from the swamp. Super catchy, furious and about as sophisticated as a North Korean test missile explosion, this will have you banging along in style.  The assault continues with pleasant ditties like “Autoerotic Thanatophilia”  “Waste, Horror and Degredation” and “Downward Spiral” but there are glimpses of something a little broader as well. “Skin Canvas” starts with some straight up old school heavy metal riffing from the early 80’s before devolving into another Darkthrone/Hellhammer blast. The albm ending “DCLXVI” takes the opposite tack, starting with crushing doom but winding up surprisingly sophisticated with sad acoustic riffing and a guitar solo out of the Mercyful Fate playbook.

This is just a fun listen for tasteless metal bums such as myself. Sacroscum are maybe capable of something really epic down the pike, but for right now, I just enjoy what they’re dishing out on “Drugs and Death”.