“Gnostic Holocaust”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sacrocurse is a “blasphemous” death metal band that has assembled a sound that seems put together like a model kit. Everything is as typical and expected as it can be for this genre. If a band has enough rabid passion and intensity, they can make that work for them. But I’m not feeling it wth Sacrocurse. This is filthy death metal by the numbers and suffering from a numbing lack of individuality.

Everything is as you would expect it…blasting high speed, psycho vocals and a highly annoying thin drum assault. That’s it, that’s all. I would imagine live that songs such as “Maze of Serpents” and “Endless Khaoz”(note the trendy misspelling) would ignite a furious pit, but on my headset, it is very much a case of having heard it all before.

 I’m quite partial to the “dirty and evil” death metal sound, but after many years of abusing myself with this brand of poison, it takes something more intense and unique than Sacrocurse to get my black blood flowing.